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with you i'd dance in the storm in my best dress.

Camille Ü
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I stand for the power to change, I live for the perfect day. I love till it hurts like crazy, I hope for a hero to save me. I stand for the strange and lonely, I believe there’s a better place. I don’t know if the sky is heaven, But I pray anyway.
-- Idina Menzel, "I Stand".

broadway. idina menzel. kelly clarkson. the shopaholic series. thai food. green tea ice cream. jo malone. tina fey. lauren graham. jamaican patties. perfumes. handbags. wicked the musical. wicked by gregory maguire. my iPod, iPhone and iMac. classic movies. katharine hepburn. travel. cold weather. event management. spas. walking. sitcoms. period flicks. cocktails. concerts. the last five years. avenue q. chick flicks. sandra bullock. cream cheese. chick lit. facebook. my two dogs. tequila. hard drinks. pride and prejudice. big fish games. london. doug & carol. chandler & monica. luke & lorelai. rufus & lily. meredith & derek. shopping. jodi picoult. sophie kinsella.

gilmore girls. 30 rock. ER. f.r.i.e.n.d.s. arrested development. veronica mars. gossip girl. will & grace. pushing daisies. studio 60 on the sunset strip. heroes. grey's anatomy. desperate housewives. samantha who?. the office. snl.

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